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Yulia Trofimova lives in Moscow. She studied Screenwriting and Filmmaking in New York Film Academy (USA) and Moscow Film School (Russia). She directed her first short film “I’m Game” in 2017.


In 2018 she directed two dramedy short films “Eulogy for Denis K.” (Russia) and “The Narrator” (USA/Russia) and a sci-fi drama “The Tram” (Russia).



The Tram (short film)

The Narrator (short film)

Eulogy for Dennis K. (short film)


I’m Game (short film)

Personal statement: In my films I try to explore human nature. I’m intrigued by the stories about choices we make and its impact on our lives, our never-ending attempt to understand and be surprised by who we are and the eternal fight against our personal demons we keep on having.